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October 2024

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel, Kuwait

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ATEX International Exhibitions

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Media Centre

Become a media partner and gain exposure in our various marketing activities

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The Luxury Show offers a vast marketing strategy to build credibility in the market. Becoming a media partner at our event can bring mutually beneficial publicity between The Luxury Show and yours.


Get unlimited exposure before, during and after the event by having your company affiliated with The Luxury Show. From having your logo on all marketing activities to distributing your materials at the event.


Build your company's credibility by becoming an official media partner of the event organised by ATEX International Exhibitions with a long history of organising international events.


As an official media partner,. your company can gain exclusive access to show activities, official reports, publications and event data. to help you create a meaningful content to help promote the event.

Marketing Activities

Our marketing campaigns reach millions of consumers and professionals giving the event, exhibitors and partners to maximum exposure.

Clothing & Apparel

Gain unlimited exposure at The Luxury Show by becoming an official media partner

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